Checklist for Counterfeit Parts

  • Part Marking Verification/Spec Sheet
  • Search ERAI Forum for Counterfeit Device Reports/Date & Lot Codes
  • Device Surface(Acetone Test)
  • Print Marking Test (mineral spirits/isopropyl alcohol)
  • Scrape Test(Razor Blade)
  • Mechanical Measurement(Caliper)
  • X-ray examination(Bonding diagram/pinout verification, package lead frame, bond wire condition)
  • Discrete Device Measurement – Inductors, Capacitors, Resistors
  • Parametric Testing – Diodes, Transistor(MOSFET, Bipolar) I-V characteristics
  • Functional Test – Digital(Advin Memory Test on PROM’s EEPROM,RAM) and Analog(BkPrecision) DIP components test
  • Bench Test – Oscillators, Switches, Relays

Atlantic Semiconductor provides the following value added services to reflect our commitment to continually improve and be efficient with the detection of counterfeit products. Based on our relationships with these partners, we are able to assist in the prevention of counterfeit products. Our staff of sales representatives, purchasing agents, component engineers and certified quality control inspectors assist us daily to meet the requirements of our clients. Please contact your Atlantic Semi sales representative for additional information.

Premier Semiconducor
4400 140th Ave North. Suite: 140
Clearwater, FL 33762
Contact: Rob Bartles, (727) 572-2022

Custom Analytical
50A Northwestern Drive, Unit #4
Salem, NH 03079
Contact: Don Trentholm, (877) 605-6662